Landslide with Wes Hunter

Do you know the Fleetwood Mac version or The Chicks version of "Landslide"?  Wes first heard The Chicks version and resonated with it. He appreciates the "struggle of emotion" the song evokes in him. When Wes finds himself wrestling with his feelings this is often a song he'll play.

Wes is very familiar with music, he has sung for much of his life and is operatically trained. He's currently an artist in residence for the Metropolitan Corral, in MA..  He plays the piano and thanks to Covid, he has dabbled in the Ukulele.  Wes brought so much deep thinking to this conversation about "Landslide".  

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Memories With A Beat

Tiffany Mason

Music can bring up a memory in seconds! Join me as I interview people to understand how the lyrics to a song make them feel and remember. I’m sure some of your own memories will be sparked! Let’s learn about other’s memories with a beat!

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