Let Go with Megan Meyers

Megan shares how she connects with the song Let Go by Frou Frou, as she broke up with her high school sweetheart.  And even today, years later, Megan uses this song to remind her that done is better than perfect.

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Intro I have a question. What is your favorite song and how do you connect with it? Is it when you fell in love or through something really difficult? I'm your host, Tiffany Mason now join me as I interview others, and we take a walk down memory lane with them. Let's get lost in why that music matters to them. Turn up your radio and let's explore memories with a beat.

Tiffany Hello everyone out in podcast land. Thank you for joining me for another episode today I have with me Megan Meyer. Hello Megan.

Megan Hiiii

Tiffany Okay, and so Megan has picked a song for us again. Megan Do you want to share which song you chose?

Megan Yes, that's a song called Let Go by Frou Frou.

Tiffany By Frou Frou, and a side note, I just have to say. My mom when she puts on fragrance, perfume, she was calls it her Fufu. So using Frou-frou Frou Frou, is making me think of my mother and her fragrance.

Megan Yeah, it's probably not a song that a lot of people have heard but it was in the movie Garden State and the soundtrack. So that's how I came about finding it.

Tiffany Well, I was really taken aback because I looked up well, when you had text me your song pic. I saw Let It Go, and I was like okay that's good. And I was like, well, maybe it's got like this other meaning, you know? And so then I was looking at the words and trying to figure out like the day of the year was released. I'm like, Okay, let me just make sure because Garden State... I was like, I don't think the song existed before the Disney movie. [Laughter] So we went over the YouTube, the thumbnail of the YouTube video had not populated. So I just saw a blank square and I saw Let It Go, so I was like okay she doing Let It Go.

Megan Yeah, I mean that's a popular song in my house because my kids are five and six. But it's not my favorite, personally. I'm a little tired of it.

Tiffany Yeah, that makes sense that makes sense. Okay, so you said in the movie Garden State did you go see it with somebody, how did you see the movie?

Megan Yeah, I mean I think it was.. so it came out my sophomore year in college. And I just feel like, those are such formative years, that for some reason that song stuck with me, and I really liked Indie music back then and finding new artists to follow. And that was also in the days of like Napster and,

Tiffany Oh, sure...

Megan Of course, I didn't download any music from Napster

Tiffany No, none of us did

Megan Or burn any CDs but, um...So I feel like, you know, that was just kind of a sign of the times of my life back then.

Tiffany Where did you go to college? What year was-were you a sophomore? Were you seeing anybody or did your best friend go with you?

Megan You know it's interesting that you bring that up because I hadn't made the connection. But in that movie. it is about a relationship which so many movies are. As a sophomore at Texas A&M and I was actually in the process of leaving a relationship with my kind of first love High School boyfriend and moving on and doing my own thing. And so I think that, you know, it's so interesting how movies also can kind of shape that time in your life. But I definitely was in a transition period of my own then and had been with him for 4 years, which is a really long time, especially when you've been on the planet like 20 years.

Tiffany Well and you almost kind of..you know you really do mature from like the teenager to like almost adult. So it is really kind of a pivotal time. And then you're tied down with somebody. I had a boyfriend my whole high school career and I wish I would not have done that. I tell my kids all the time you have your whole life to be responsible to somebody. Don't do that. Don't get into a serious relationship, like, you know, you just have forever to be responsible to someone else once you do get married. So, enjoy your time and live it out so what did... so did you end up going with a friend of the movie?

Megan Um, I think I watched it in my sorority house as a group. So, you know, it's also symbolic of like those times where, like I said just had kind of complete freedom for the first time, other than you know getting to your classes and making sure that you didn't flunk out. And spending time with friends and. And like you said just really moving from that teenager station of life to like being an adult. And learning what it is like to get hurt but also you know how you bounce back from that. And you know it wasn't until seven years later that I met my husband. It was quite a bit of time until I made the full commitment, but it was a fun time to just be with the girls and really appreciate that for what it was and not not be tied down to just always, you know, worrying about someone else.

Tiffany Yeah. Yeah, it's true. It's true.

Megan And don't get me wrong, I'm married now and worrying about someone else now is, is like wonderful and exactly what I wanted. But this was much earlier in life so

Tiffany Yeah I think when you're ready for it you know it's not a bad thing at all. But when you're so young like just go live and just go have fun and hang out with your friends and experience life. And then, you know, figure it out and fall in love with someone to marry and then tell them how you spent 10 bucks at Walmart and $50 at Best Buy. [Laughter]

Unknown 5:33 Yeah, yeah. No, the kids, the kids keep things interesting as well. So my, my daughter's six, and there's a boy in the neighborhood that's quite popular with the ladies, that's seven. And I'm like, Lexi, you can't worry about boys you have the rest of your life to worry about boys go play with your friends. Ya knows.

Tiffany Yep. Yep. Boy crazy at six?

Megan I know I'm in trouble.

Tiffany I'll say! My daughter's nine and I still don't think.. she, um, she told me one time that one of her classmates was very handsome. But then she later told me that her teacher said it. So I think that she was just saying what her teacher had said. I don't.

Megan Yeah

Tiffany I don't think it was really like. I mean, she just was noting like yes he's very good looking, but not so much, you know, I'm not going for him so much.

Megan Isn't it funny how they test things out on it.

Tiffany Yeah, very much so.

Megan It's interesting because I just always go back to that song. I don't know. That artist has just kind of followed me through the years because that was quite a few years ago. We didn't have to say the number, but but you know and kind of that idea of letting go has also followed me so that's why I picked that song. Okay, well that's awesome.

Tiffany I thought it was interesting that her voice sounds so much like The Cranberries.

Megan So I love The Cranberries too.

Tiffany I do too! I do too! And you know this online thing you have is [Singing]"In your head. Zombie" And at one point, she says in that song, "in your head, in your head." Or something like that and that's what I was hearing. And then I was like wait that's not what she's saying because I thought what the song is about right? So I was like wait a minute I must be mixed up but anyways.

Megan I think they're both British. And actually, I think that one of the reasons I like the song is because I need to get out of my head more. So it's actually quite the opposite. But yeah, so I think that they do have a similar sound.

Tiffany So Megan and I are in a networking group together and we're always all the women in our women inspired networking group W.I.N., are always you know encouraging each other and pushing each other to do more and, you know, whatever motivation we need for our businesses at the time. I thought was interesting in there she says 20 seconds to comply. Let go. What you waiting for, and it made me think of how it's so common right now for everyone to say you know 20 seconds of courage. So I thought that that was also kind of fitting just for, where I personally am in my own space, and then where our group is as far as just to be courageous, just 20 seconds, just do it.

Megan Absolutely. I mean, 20 also makes me think of the year. And 2020 has definitely been a challenging one for so many of us. And I think that, you know, we've, a lot of us have been living in fear, and it's very hard to overcome that fear and really find your voice and find what's important to you and it's one of the reasons that I love the group that we're in is because it's really helped me to refocus, even during this crazy time.

Tiffany Yeah, I agree, I agree completely. Okay, Did you also say that there was something about a coach training? How you kind of connect with this song?

Megan Yeah. A lot of people don't know I, I sell Younique. But I also am a certified coach. When I was getting my coaching certificate, one of the activities that we did was to find a picture that was cut out of a magazine that meant something to us. And I just will never forget this image that I explained to my partner was a girl, holding a red balloon, and she was standing on like the edge of a cliff. And she was letting it go. And obviously, you know that those words are common to the song. But I think that I always wanted to be perfect and I always wanted to do things the right way. And was pretty hard on myself and so one of the things that I had to kind of come to terms with is that, you know, life isn't always perfect. Especially as an entrepreneur you have to kind of not just always try to control everything but let things come to you. And that's easier said than done, but that image just stuck with me. Yeah, so I'm hoping that as my business grows that I can get back into that coaching and add that to kind of my services that I offer. So I'm excited about that.

Tiffany Is it business coaching?

Megan I actually do individual coaching, so it can be leader coaching or life coaching. What I would really like to specialize in is women in transition because I feel like as women we're always in transition. We're always going through some sort of change. Whether it's a job change or becoming a mom or getting married, or even just dealing with, you know, a year like 2020. So I really like partnering with women who want to find their own way through whatever they're working through.

Tiffany I see. Very good. That song by Frou Frou, does she have other songs as well?

Megan Yeah, let me think here... There is another song, and it's escaping me right now that I...So I really like her album with her partner that they made Frou Frou but then there's also two other albums from Imogen Heap that I really enjoy that kind of remind me of my college times. And all the fun times that we had and the freedom that you had during that time. The song is not coming to me. You could definitely check it out and listen to her music because I really like the chill vibe that she has. But then also she has a really nice voice. Very calming.

Tiffany Yes, I agree. My 19 year old, Preston, is in transition for sure and definitely trying to find himself. And you know he keeps coming to me trying to, you know, figure it out, figure it out. Like what am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? And I finally just had to say like Preston This world is not as black and white as it seems like you think that it is. This world is very gray and there's lots of unknowns. Whenever anybody talks about, you know, making plans and letting go those plans I always think of Thomas Rhett song. You make your plans and you hear God laughing, you know, life changes. I think that's all he says changes. Anyways, um, but yeah it's just so true that like no matter how much we plan, you know, it always kind of changes and so you got to kind of let it go and be messy and have those 20 seconds to comply, or not comply.

Megan Yeah, I think it's great to have a plan. And I'm definitely a planner. But I find that the more flexible that I am, the happier I am, because you don't set yourself up to be disappointed. If things don't meet your expectations and, you know, just being willing to kind of let life come as it is and sometimes that really opens up doors and opportunities as well.

Tiffany Yes it does. I agree, I was just a business course. And I thought for sure I was gonna go this one way and I was kind of, you know, set in stone in my mind. And I got to thinking about and I thought, let me just open my mind up to the actual like what are all the possibilities? Let me just free myself up, let me not put myself in a lane. Let me just, you know, be completely open and I ended up coming across this and doing podcast management. And having a podcast and it's brought so much more joy to me I think then the other avenue would have. It's exciting and you know exhilarating to think like, I don't know I get to talk about music and help people make their podcasts, which is about their passions or helping them, you know, to grow their business. And I think that that's just super amazing. You know, you got to always be open and try to hear what the universe or hear what God is trying to say to you.

Megan Yeah, and I love the idea of your podcast because I feel like there's lots of senses that bring back memories for us. Like I know smells do that for me but music is just so powerful, and can get us through the hardest times and can be a symbol of the most joyous times. And so I'm really excited to see who else you bring on the podcast.

Tiffany Okay, well, do you have anything else you want to share about your song or about what you're doing in life right now?

Megan No, I just think that, you know, as I guess my parting comments about why this song means so much to me. Is that anytime that I've come across a situation where I was really trying to force things and I just was so stressed out because it wasn't working. When I have been able to let that go and and you know really just see what comes in life. It's been really helpful for me and don't get me wrong I'm an ambitious person so there's definitely been times where I've been able to push through as well but if I think about you know when I started my business with unique. It took me a long time to actually take the plunge and join because I was afraid to be known as the makeup girl.

Tiffany Sure

Megan you know, had I not joined Younique three and a half years ago, there's four vacations I wouldn't have been on there's so many friends that I have that I would ever met. It's really you know a huge part of my daily life now. And same thing with coaching like if I look back at when I found that red balloon picture. I was trying so hard to force that to come about because I really wasn't happy in my day job, and was able to kind of let that that sit for a little while and found a day job that I it's much more fulfilling and I'm enjoying. And now I feel like, you know, as we move forward. Hopefully I can take on a couple of clients and help them to get over the humps that are holding them back. So, it's exciting.

Tiffany well you heard it here first folks, if you're looking for someone over the humps Megan's your girl.

Megan Thank you, Tiffany.

Tiffany I'll have all of your contact information in the show notes, of course, and I'll see you soon.

Megan Okay, sounds good. Thanks so much

Tiffany Thanks so much, Megan. You have a great night.

Megan You too.

Outro Well that was a great walk down memory lane. I hope you enjoyed my guest's memories and experiences with the song or songs they chose to connect with my guests... I mean, I know you're just going to stalk their social media, but check out the show notes as always for details. Please leave a five star review, and I'd love if you left a memory of your own that was sparked. Can't wait to dive into my next guest's memories with a beat, hit subscribe now. you don't want to miss the next episode.

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