Where are my 80's hair band fans?  Shelley is and shared memories of this song with me.  The good ole days ya know?  It's too bad we don't know it when we are living them.  Shelley can remember watching MTV and guessing the videos on the countdown with her brother.  They knew it was always going to be "Livin'On A Prayer" because it was number one for quite a while.  Shelley, her brother, and her cousins made a music video to "Livin' On A Prayer."  Back in that day her parents had to record them making their video - video only style! Ha!  Fun to think back to simpler times but it was actually way more difficult to make the video in those "simpler times." At one time, before passing, her mom wanted to put the video on a DVD and now that she's gone...who knows where those reels of video are.  Some day she'd like to locate them and get it to a point where they could all watch it and reminisce with her brother and family.  Now Shelley's gotta have it on every playlist and for sure while she running.  I mean it does have a good beat.   

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