Management Mess to Leadership Success with Scott Miller

If you want to grow in your leadership abilities, you have to overcome your management mess.

In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo interviews Scott Miller on his book Management Mess to Leadership Success!

Lead Yourself

  • Demonstrate Humility – Humility has nothing to do with charisma or tone.
    “Humble people are more concerned with what is right than being right.” – Dr. Covey
  • Everyone has a mess - “Acknowledge your messes, show some humility and then make it safe for those around you to acknowledge their mess.”

Lead Others

  • Make Time for Relationships - People are not the most valuable asset of a company; it is the relationships between the people that are the companies most valuable asset!
  • Protect your team from urgencies – Differentiate what is urgent vs. what is important. You need to be a fire preventer, not a fire extinguisher. Be self-aware.

Get Results

  • Create Vision – This is not the same as clarify your purpose, mission, and values. Set actionable and attainable goals. Your vision can change and grow with time. 93% of successful organizations end up with a different strategy than what they started out with. Great leaders are willing to change their minds. They are humble enough to realize that a different course of action may work better.
  • The Importance of Character – If you don’t have strong character than nothing else matters. Your personal life and professional life are the same.

“Focus on your character and people will follow you!”

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