Marren Morris “My Chruch” & “The Bones”

Let's dive into some Marren Morris song lyrics.  I'm talking about how music makes you feel like you just had a religious experience AND another song about relationship foundations.  Join Me!


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Thank you for joining me for another episode of memories with a beat. Today it's just going to be you and I. And I want to talk about Marrenn Morris, and some of her songs. Now you may not you're trying to go through your memory like who is Marren Morris? Well she came out with "My Church" in 2016, followed by "The Middle" in 2018, "I could use a love song," "Girl", and "The Bones" in 2019. So those are some songs that may kind of make you go oh yeah I know who that is. I'm going to go over "My Church" and "The Bones."

I just love that song. "My Church," that's how I feel about music in general. I just feel like it's an escape. It's almost like a spiritual experience. When the day is not going right, I remember when the boys were really little and I would just be struggling. I had changed all the diapers, I had given them snacks, you know, whatever it was and they were either still arguing or they were still crabby or whatever. And I was like you know what? We're going to put some music on. We're going to shake out the grumpies. And so I still continued to do that. Now even though my kids are quite a bit older, and just enjoy music and let it really change the mood of whatever is going on. So much to the point, even when I'm really stressed out and I just don't know what to do with life, you know I know that's my cue to put on some Christian music and just start counting my blessings and it really does uplift my spirit and put me in a better mood. And let me face the day a little bit differently.

So, some of the lyrics from "My church," she starts out saying that you know she's not this amazing perfect person. "I've cussed on a Sunday. I've cheated and I've lied. I've fallen down from grace, a few too many times, but I find my holy redemption, when I put this car in drive. Roll the windows down and turn up the dial." And man, if that doesn't just express like some kind of freedom, or just an awesome release. You know you put down those windows, turn the radio up, and you know you just find holy redemption singin along those songs on the radio. It's just such a feel good experience. Then she goes on to say, "Can I get a Hallelujah? Can I get an Amen? Feels like the Holy Ghost running through Ya, when I play that highway FM. I find soul revival, singing every single verse. Yeah, I guess that's my church." So, I mean I relate to that 100%, I do feel like the Holy Ghost is running through me. And it doesn't matter if I'm listening to Christian music or if I'm listening to country music or a couple feel good songs from just like you know adult boring radio. I just really love music and I love how clever those lyrics are. That's another thing I really enjoy about music just how clever people can put things down into words and make sense of things. Okay, so then she goes on to say "When Hank brings the sermon and Cash leads the choir." And that part always kind of makes me laugh and I always, when I sing Cash leads the choir, I always sing it in a different tonality with my voice just because I can think of Johnny Cash and his guitar and some of his other songs. So I can't help myself but I have to sing it a different way. But I can just imagine those two with their guitars, and she's singing along with them. Really she's got the radio turned up you know and they're singing those songs. So I think that that's just super cool. and then she says gets my cold cold heart burning hotter than a ring of fire. So how cool is that that those verses. She then goes back and kind of reference or honors those artists with some of their lyrics so I think that's pretty cool. And then she says "When this world gets heavy, and I need to find my escape. I just keep the wheels rolling radio scroll until my sins wash away. And again, I just love how she puts the words together and it's totally true. When this world gets heavy and you need to find an escape. Man, nothing's better than getting in your car, turn on the ignition, putting on that song. Nothing is better for me than a Friday morning. I love to put on Flo Rida. Cheers to the Week..., or no not Cheers to the Weekend. "Hello Friday," sorry, and just get really going... [Singing]"Hello Friday." And I just think it's awesome and you just, you know, you're ready for the weekend, you're ready for the last day of work, it feels so good. I have a sensor in my work car that doesn't let me go very fast. So I remember one day I had the radio just a little bit too loud. And I don't know how long the sensor had been going off but I was like, Oh shoot, so I had to turn the radio down a little bit. Keep myself out of trouble. But I do love a good song that gets you just in the perfect mood that just fits you know what you're getting ready to go do and get you pumped up and writing. Okay, so then she says, "Can I get a hallelujah. Can I get an Amen." And when she says that I feel like she digs deep. [Singing] "Can I get hallelujah? Can I get an Amen?" I just love that grittiness almost of her voice or it's not really gritty but it is a little bit. But I just love when she digs deep like that and she always does on "Can I get a Holly Can I get an amen." And then let's see. "Singing every single verse yes I guess that's my church." And then she just repeat the words again. And really I mean I just loved at the end. "Yeah, I guess that's my church, yeah I guess that's my church." [Singing} "Yeah, I guess that's my church." And that is just how I feel about it. I feel like when I'm in my car, I've got the radio up, and I'm singing along with a song, man, I am going to church, I'm in a good mood I'm feeling thankful. I just, it's a great song for me.

And then the other one by Maren Morris, is "The Bones." So, I heard this song before it really became super popular. I had already put it on my playlist when we're, you know, going to the pool or going to the grocery store in the golf car, you know definitely had it pumpin! And I was trying to learn the words. And lots of times I kind of like the challenge of learning the words without looking up the words. So that's what I do most times is I just play it a whole bunch until I get the words. And then the ones I really can't figure out, then I cheat. I go and try to figure out what the words are on the internet.

She starts out talking about you know her and her husband. And she says, "We're in the homestretch of the hard times. We took a hard left but we're all right. Yeah life sure can put love through it, but we built this right so nothing's ever going to move it. So just kind of you know we all know that a solid foundation is what you know helps us weather the storms. So I love that she's just kind of putting that picture in your mind, you know? "The storms have come but we built this thing right" you know our, our relationship is solid, so we don't have to worry about those storms when they come, and that "They're in the homestretch of hard times," just, you know, they're coming on the other side. It's it's valleys and mountains, and apparently they were getting ready to go up the mountain. So I think that's pretty cool. Okay, let's see, "When the bones are good, the rest don't matter. Yeah the paint could peel, the glass could shatter. Let it rain, because you and I remain the same. When there ain't a crack in the foundation, baby, I know any storm we're facing will blow right over while we stay put. House don't fall when the bones are good." And just again she's saying, you know, doesn't really matter what it looks like to others. It doesn't matter if a little piece of it breaks or there's a small crack, you know, or when there's not a crack sorry in the foundation, it doesn't really matter the storm we're facing. You know it can it can, it'll blow over it so we're gonna make it through it. We're gonna, you know, be a united front and face the storm together and get over it. She says, "Call it dumb luck. But baby you and I, can't even mess this up, though we both tried. No life don't always go the way we planned it, but the wolf came, and went and we're still standing." So, again, just all marriages, they're tough. You know you face stuff you don't think you're going to face. You go into it you know wide eyed and naive. And thinking you know what it is to be married and then you get in the thick of it and the wolves do come. And you both do try to mess it up, you know, either you're fighting and you've got to come to see the other person's point of view where you do something stupid and you need to, you know, apologize and repent. And show that you're not going to do that anymore. But it's just hard just being married is hard. And I will argue anybody who says it's a cakewalk. You know some people make it look like a cakewalk. But it's just like they say, you know, you never be nice to everybody because you never know what they're going through. And it's true it's the same thing in a marriage, it can look completely perfect. I remember thinking my neighbors had a perfect marriage. And then one day I went to go take the garbage out and they were in their backyard, you know, sharing their feelings with each other. Kind of loud. They weren't they weren't arguing, they were just expressing their feelings and I was thinking like, Oh my gosh, I thought they had it all together. So you just never know what a marriage is facing either. But, you know, the wolves come and you're still standing. So then she goes, and says the course again, where you know that doesn't matter if there's a crack in the foundation of paints peeling if they're, you know, the glass could shatter but you know they're still gonna let it rain because they remain the same. So let that storm come, you're gonna weather it and you're gonna make it out on the other side. And that's just kind of how I feel about my husband and I, you know, I mean it's not always easy for us and we definitely don't see eye to eye on enough things. But at the end of the day we both know we're not going to do anything to damage the marriage, and we're not going to do anything.Well hopefully we don't do anything we can't come back from like something that we say to each other. But I think that there's just a lot of security in knowing, you know, our bones we built this right so our bones are good, the bones in this relationship are good. And I just love that security that I get from that. And I love being married to him, and I love that really he taught me a lot of those aspects or expectations of marriage or being in a relationship. And I'm just happy I get to face those storms with Mr. Mason by my side. I'd like to call him Mr Mason cuz I think he's a little bit more mature and grown up than I am. I don't know if I ever will grow up. But I'm glad he's by my side and, you know, we got a strong foundation and we'll weather the storms.

I appreciate you guys listening to my take on that. I would love to hear how you guys feel about these two songs. Aand possibly, you know, memories or the way that you connect with these songs would be awesome.

Outro Weren't those great stories, I mean songs. I hope you could relate with my insights and feelings to connect with me, or to check me out on social media, see the show notes as always for details. Please leave a five star review. And I'd love if you left a memory of your own that. Can't wait to dive into my next guests memories with the beat! Hit subscribe now. You don't want to miss the next episode!

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