Must-Have Tools for One-Person Marketing Teams

As a one-person marketing team for more than a decade, I’ve tried a lot of software and tools that were supposed to change my life. But after a lot of time and money spent on tools that didn’t live up to their promise, I’m breaking down my tried and tested tools that could hopefully save you from that time and money wasted. 


0:00 – Tools for One-Person Team

1:51 – Click Up and its use as a project management tool

4:34 – Google Docs

6:47 – Active Campaign for automation

9:06 –

11:11 – Canva and its different functions



“Before you add any software or tool,  map out your processes first and then figure out where technology plays a role.”

“It’s challenging as a creative person or entrepreneur. You have tons of ideas but don’t know how to get them out of your head and onto a system that can make those ideas actionable.”

“Sometimes people treat email like a to-do list. If you have emails within your to-do list, sometimes you just delete them. With an active campaign, I can resend that campaign to anyone who didn’t open the email, didn’t click on any links, and I hope I’m catching them at a better time than the next time I send it.”

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