ONE “This Guys”

The first episode of the podcast is entitled "This Guy" and who is this guy? Christian Spivey... is your host and will be giving you the run down of what the season is going to look like. A little get to know me kind of deal, and just a conversation on why this podcast is important. Well to things film related at least. LONG LIVE CINEMA BABY! 

Thank you for listening! Please enjoy the show. 

"Reelism Theme" Composed, Mix, and Mastered by Taylor Moenning 

"Reel Nice" Composed, Mix and Mastered by Wes Harris

Reelism The Podcast

Christian Spivey

A show that’s passionate about the film world and all the universes within it; whether it’s with me Christian, Family or Friends, these conversations are led by all things cinema.

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