Our Episode 2 (HAIM and Sailfish Brewing Company)

Barry and Abigail discuss Days Are Gone by HAIM and sample three seasonal beers (Passing Lane, Jolly Jingle Juice, and Pineapple Man) from Sailfish Brewing Company in Fort Pierce, Florida.

The Steps by HAIM

Lights of Home by U2

My Lights of Home 5 (mashup of the studio versions My Song 5 by HAIM and Lights of Home by U2, paired with video from live performances by HAIM and U2)

HAIM - Summer Girl on Song Exploder

Up next… Band on the Run by Paul McCartney and Wings

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A podcast where we listen to some pops, drink a little hops, and Abigail Hummel gets to hang out with her pop, Barry Hummel!

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