Paul McCartney with Emma Bromley

HEY PAUL MCCARTNEY'S "PPL"- Check this out!!!

From dreaming in London to getting the surprise of her life in California...Emma's daughter is now named McCartney.  Emma was introduced to The Beatles in about a late bloomer!!  LOL!!  Once that music shook her body she was in love!  She shared 4 songs and the journey of Paul McCartney and The Beatles music that inspired her daughter's name, gave her inspiration when she thought she'd never become a mom, and of course, the song that brings her back to the delivery room every time she hears it.  Of course McCartney was brought in the world properly with a song by the gent she'd be named after!

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Memories With A Beat

Tiffany Mason

Music can bring up a memory in seconds! Join me as I interview people to understand how the lyrics to a song make them feel and remember. I’m sure some of your own memories will be sparked! Let’s learn about other’s memories with a beat!

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