Personally I… Pilot

The podcast you are about to enjoy contains explicit content

 including discussions of sex, various forms of abuse, exploitation, and adult language 

including slurs. Listener Discretion is advised.

In this Pilot episode for Personally I... the podcast, 

You will meet the hosts of, the show, filled with opinions that no one asked for; best friends through high school and beyond, 

Brittany, Kaela, and Adra will guide you through the lay of the land that is PIP.

 Starting off easy with introductions you will experience a nice spritzer of sweet and sour personalities that lead you to the Mixed Drinks section where we discuss our cocktail for the episode and what in our lives at the moment needs "washing down". Thankfully, Martini Diva shared their delicious Rainbow Cocktail recipe on the web (listed below) for any lucky duck to find and we could not pass up the opportunity to record our pilot during Pride Month with such a scrumptious and fruity beverage.

 After sipping our way to the end of the rainbow, we ease into the "Hard To Swallow" segment where we discuss topics that may cause some discomfort but ultimately make us better individuals for having them.

 In this episode, we open our Cancel Culture series with a conversation about familiar famous faces that have been canceled in recent years. Diving as deep or as shallow as you would like to go on the topic we discuss personalities such as JK Rowling, Ellen DeGeneres, and Travis Scott. 

We close with our Palate Cleanser, a light-hearted finale to each episode. This time around we are ending with a tale that will hopefully make you laugh or smile or roll your eyes...

Maybe you'll just cringe on behalf of the storyteller because we can all agree that functioning in public is hard... some days, more than others.

The only way to find out is to give us a listen.



1-1/2 Oz White Rum

1/2 Oz Blue Curacao

2-1/2 Oz Fresh Orange Juice

1/2 Oz Grenadine

Garnish: Orange Wheel, Cocktail Cherry


Fill a Collins glass with ice.

Add the White Rum and Blue Curacao to an ice-filled cocktail shaker and shake until chilled, set aside.

Add the orange juice to your Collins glass.

Gently pour the Grenadine down the inside of the glass where it will settle to the bottom.

Place a bar spoon upside down against the inside of the glass, then gently pour the chilled white rum and Blue Curacao over the back of the spoon to layer it on top of the Grenadine and orange juice.

Garnish and serve.