Setting Goals and Thinking Bigger for Your Life and Business with Paul Tompkins

Resolutions don't work, goals without a plan are just dreams. This episode is about how to set achievable goals and how to think bigger when setting goals.

Paul Tompkins answers questions about setting goals and thinking bigger for your life. Below are the three main questions that Alex Sanfilippo asks Paul during this episode:

1. What is your day to day action that gets you closer to your lifelong goals/ purpose?
2. How do you discover your goals and purpose and vision for your life?
3. How can we practically make 2020 a year of high achievement?

If you're someone who has set goals or new years resolutions in the past or even this year in 2020, this episode is going to help you succeed in the new year while at the same time, helping you develop a bigger vision/mission for your life!

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