Engaging in thoughtful conversation with people who are dynamic affords me the opportunity to learn from others. As global citizens, we want to be open to varying viewpoints and respectfully relate to one another in all areas.

But when it’s just the Board of me, myself and I- you know those conversation you have in your head… That you don’t want to admit to…. Even to yourself… Hi, I’m Suze, and my superpower is saying stuff out loud, so that MORE of us feel LESS alone. So... buckle up!

Recently, I came across these letters that I had written several years ago, when I was at a low point. The reasons for that low point are not that important. The purpose of those letters was a cry for help, and one that only I could answer.

It was clearly important to me at the time to put down on paper how I was feeling. When I found those letters recently- years later!- I admit I was too ashamed to even read through them. I’m glad I did though, because here is what I learned: we gotta feel the feelings. We’ve gotta go through them… To get over them… In order to heal from them.

So give a listen to where it started, and how I got to be the work in progress that I am today.

And check out the video of this episode on www.SchmoozewithSuze.org  to see me read the actual letters- and watch my authentic response to facing my flaws  and fears and tracing my trauma.

Modeh ani l’fanecha melech chai v’kayam, shehechezarta bi nishmati b’chemlah, rabah emunatecha.

I thank You, living and eternal King, for giving me back my soul in mercy, Great is Your faithfulness.

extreme self-confidence or audacity.

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