Short Box #359: Mike and Laura Allred Artist Spotlight

The successful career and captivating art style of the married comic couple: Mike & Laura Allred, get our full attention for the 17th installment of our Artist Spotlight series. The couple have been working together as one of the comic industry's most recognizable and prolific art duos for the last 30+ yrs, so we had plenty to talk about 


  • An introduction to the Allreds (00:08:02)
  • Mike & Laura meeting Adam West, and other stories (00:25:46)
  • Comic picks for June (00:45:58)
  • Worst comic convention memories (00:57:02)
  • General entertainment picks & recommendations (01:08:23)


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Proudly sponsored by Gotham City Limit!

Proudly sponsored by Gotham City Limit!

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