Superbloom with Stephanie Sylvia-Costello

"Resilient little thing" just like the song "says and just like Stephanie.  At a young age, she experienced a very traumatic event that she alone got herself through.  She would see other parents patting their children on the back and even Stephanie's back at times, but where were her parents?  As she grew up and has established a family of her own, she has set very clear boundaries and expectations.  I think in general we're always trying to be just a little bit better than our parents.  And learning from them what we do and do not want for our own families.  This is the kind of dance in the kitchen song, get confirmation that you will make it through something, and celebrate where you are with a "I deserve congratulations!" 

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Memories With A Beat

Tiffany Mason

Music can bring up a memory in seconds! Join me as I interview people to understand how the lyrics to a song make them feel and remember. I’m sure some of your own memories will be sparked! Let’s learn about other’s memories with a beat!

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