Tempting the Beast

This month is Domonique's pick, Tempting the Beast, a truly modern take on beauty and the beast.

The moment Merinus learns of Callan's story of humans genetically altered with animal DNA, raised to be weapons, she knows this is the story of her journalist dream. However, she gets more than she bargains for as her feelings, and her body, get tangled up in this dangerous world full of secrets and betrayal. It's much bigger than she ever could have imagined. Will she be able to really understand and accept the man and the animal or will she lose her heart? And will the man realize he is more than he was created to be?

Damsels Never Finish

The Damsels

The Damsels Never Finish Podcast is a group of Damsels who love reading spicy, exciting, and sometimes hilarious romance. We deep dive into the literary bowels of the romance genre and discuss what we liked, what we LOVED, and what we found downright ridiculous. Join us monthly as we discuss our spicy pick, and check out our Instragram @damselsneverfinish, to experience the next book along with us.

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