The Biggest Marketing Challenges in Freight

Marketing and sales in freight are having a challenging time. Not only are we facing a recession and coming to grips with new B2B buying methods but these our roles are becoming more demanding with a limited budget. 

How are freight companies managing these challenges? That's why we have Sol de Naples founder Jill Schmieg on the show to break down how her clients are combatting the challenges every small marketing team is currently facing. From hiring to responsibility, Jill breaks down the things you need to keep on your radar to stay ahead of the game. 

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Client’s biggest challenges:

  • Staffing, short on staff with too many company branding, strategy and communications needs to support; a-l-a one person marketing teams; very hard to replace talent that leaves. 
    • One client extended a job offer for a Marketing Manager position that’s open since February to three different people this week and didn’t get any of them; now it’s back to the drawing board for them.
    • Same for sales; I have a client down two sales people for nearly a year now; they’ve experienced 20% growth in the last year with current customers, but not brought on a single new customer because of it.  That’s a long-term problem and reality
  • Marketing’s progressing faster than sales
    • Sales still wants to build their pipeline based on relationships and Marketing’s delivering more web and digital leads than ever that require sales activation
    • companies who are growing the fastest are doing both Farmer and Hunter models! 
  • The Competitive Landscape is broader and wider than ever:
    • Start-Ups and Private Equity have created a dynamic and fast shifting market landscape
    • The lines are blurring between traditional 3PLs and new-to-the-scene Ecomm players
    • There’s still so many huge public players – Ryder, CHR, JB Hunt, XPO but also so so so many small and niche players, and probably not enough differentiation ---- all claim distinction by relationship quality, customer service and technological capability. 


Where’s there opportunity? 

  • Get your brand right.  Determine where you’ll play, what’s your lane, where you can make the most money and stay true to your strategy.  This is a company decision, not just a marketing one, although it’s most often facilitated by marketing.  Give mar

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