The Costly Mistakes You’re Making With Your Website

One of the cool things about launching a podcast is you get connected with other podcasters fairly quickly---especially those who are in the same industry as you. 

That’s what happened when I joined Adrian Chapman, host of the Recruiting Stories Podcast, and we got to dive into how I got started in the logistics industry, the mistakes most companies make with their website, and the lessons I’ve learned the hard way in my marketing career. 

This was a great convo with Adrian and if you like this interview, be sure to check out his other episodes which I linked to in the show notes. Part of his show’s bio is At some point, we were all just undiscovered, but recruiting creates a fork in the road. This really resonated with me as I think we can all connect with the origin stories. Adrian also runs Cover 3 Recruiting which helps you build championship teams for a greater purpose.

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