The Funk is Certain (Billy Joel and Turgua Brewing Company)

Barry and Abigail discuss The Nylon Curtain by Billy Joel and sample Yellow Throat, Petit Blue, Frayzon, and Chatty Chachalaca from Turgua Brewing Company in Fairview, North Carolina.

Barry heard similarities between Allentown by Billy Joel and Maxwell’s Silver Hammer by The Beatles.

...And between Laura by Billy Joel and Oh! Darling by The Beatles.

...And between Scandinavian Skies by Billy Joel and Across the Universe by The Beatles.

Abigail saw parallels between Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel and The Things They Carried, a novel by Tim O’Brien.

...And between She’s Right on Time by Billy Joel and It Won’t Be Long by The Beatles.

...And between A Room of Our Own by Billy Joel and Hello, Goodbye by The Beatles.

It turns out that Barry has given two Farmhouse Saison Ales a 4.5 rating… Philosophizer (Adelbert’s Brewery) and Aqua Predator (Off Color Brewing). That’s out of 193 different Farmhouse Saisons sampled to date!

Up next… Halloween Howls: Fun and Scary Music by Andrew Gold

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