This is Not an Exit with Jen Algard

Do you have that one song you play every time life is challenging you to move?  THIS is Jen's song for that situation.  She has sang it and ruminate over it at The Eiffel Tower to hanging on a cliff in Costa Rica to American Idol try outs.  In fact, she is so passionate about this song that she will review it with her classes at the end of the school year to get them thinking "What do they want out of this life?" When the pain is too much to remain the same, we change.

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25:35 "Leap and the net will appear" 

11:00 This is Not An Exit:

32:54 Current Favorite: The Business

33:11 Also 21 Pilots and "Suit and Jacket" by Judah & the Lion

Fifine Mircrophone:

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