Top Domain Brokerage Firm Discusses the Domain World – EP 19

In this episode, Colby Harris interviews Brian Harbin about Grit Brokerage - the domain brokerage firm he started that is the financial catalyst for what has helped fuel since its inception.  Grit Brokerage was recently awarded the 2022 Masters of Domains award for being one of the top 10 grossing brokerages in the world.  We answer some of the common questions about domains, how the process works, and unpack some of the types of domain sales Grit Brokerage has recently made. Enjoy this episode and be sure to check out all our other amazing guests!

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Colby Harris, Brian Harbin

Welcome to the podcast with Colby Harris and Brian Harbin. In these episodes they speak to top achievers in athletics and business in order to understand the habits and mindset they apply in order to build more grit.

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