Barry and Abigail discuss Sounds Like This by Eric Hutchinson and sample Fortescue Fisherman's Ale, It’s A Wonderful Ale 2022, Sparkles Sky Dancer Strawberry Short Cake, and Into the Dankness from Glasstown Brewing Company in Millville, New Jersey.

Many thanks to the owners and staff of Glasstown Brewing Company, including the dynamic sister-brother duo Jenifer Simmons and Mike Rossi, for speaking with us and for opening the taproom early to allow us to record!

Read about the history of glassmaking in South Jersey!

Abigail plugged Lolita Podcast by Jamie Loftus in reference to Outside Villanova.

Barry recognized some elements of U + Ur Hand by P!nk in Rock & Roll.

Barry compared Oh! to It’s My Job by Jimmy Buffett.

Barry and Abigail were admiring James Jamerson basslines in three videos sent to Barry by friend of the pod (and bassist) Jack Cornell.

Up next… Hollywood Town Hall by The Jayhawks

Jingles are by our friend Pete Coe.

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