Tron Lightcycle Power Run Review & Our Favorite Moderate Resorts at Walt Disney World

On this week's episode, we're talking all about our review of Tron Lightcycle Run. We had a great time but obviously have a few thoughts. Also, we discuss why moderate resorts at Walt Disney World are so great. Listen to hear our favorite ones. 

UPDATE: As of March 2023 the Jamaica 4500 building at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort has NOT been updated. Always call Disney ahead and ask for an updated room.

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The Tiki Room with Elizabeth and Sarah- Let’s Talk Disney World

Elizabeth & Sarah

Walt Disney World. Whether you go 5 times a year or you’ve never been, you probably have some thoughts about this magical place. Well, we do too. This podcast is dedicated to making Disney enjoyable, without overwhelming you, so you don’t leave and need a vacation from your vacation. So sit back and have a drink with us while we discuss our thoughts about Disney.

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