TTP Episode 19: Jags, College/Pro Hoops
2020 is here and the squad is back in the studio! We start with our favorite sports related Christmas presents, then take the deep dive into the current Jaguars situation and discuss if the blame is all on Coughlin (3:54). What are the biggest needs this off-season (12:53)and does Calais come back (16:04)? The transition to college hoops starts with UF and FSU (20:37), a look at James Wiseman (24:06), the local teams JU and UNF (27:45), and then Mike's bold prediction for FSU hoops (29:21). A little NBA talk (31:53) that is finished with two questions: Hawks/Warriors - who gets to 10 wins first (37:11)? and first to 10 losses, LA Lakers or Milwaukee (38:00). Some news about the Reddi-Arts building is next (40:31) and then our Coastal Indoor Golf update brought to you by Skyler (42:08). The finisher? Our predictions for the Nat'l Championship and this weekend's NFL games (44:24).