Unmasking Amazon's Secrets to Success with Bill Carr

Every entrepreneur is at the very least curious to learn more about how Amazon has accomplished so much over the years. Today’s episode will uncover just that. My guest is Bill Carr. As the prior Vice President of Digital Media for Amazon, Bill launched and managed the company's global digital music and video businesses, including Amazon Music, Prime Video, and Amazon Studios. Listen in as Bill shares insights, stories, and secrets from inside Amazon.

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Podcasting Made Simple | For Podcasters & Podcast Guests

Alex Sanfilippo, PodPros.com

Podcasting Made Simple is a top-rated podcast that releases weekly masterclass episodes focused on helping podcast guests and podcast hosts improve their craft so they can make a bigger impact on the world. Listen as Alex Sanfilippo, along with other successful podcasters and podcast guesting experts, share practical and actionable ideas for succeeding in the world of podcasting. Prepare to elevate your podcasting game! Podcasting Made Simple is the official podcast of PodPros.com (PodMatch and PodcastSOP)

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