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I have a question. What is your favorite song, and how do you connect with it? Is it when you fell in love, or through something really difficult? I'm your host Tiffany Mason. now join me as I interview others, and we take a walk down memory lane with them. Let's get lost in why that music matters to them. Turn up your radio and let's explore memories with a beat.

Tiffany Hello podcast land, thank you for joining me for another episode. Today I have with me, Lisa Robertson. And I know Lisa from a networking group that I'm in. And she just has an amazing personality always bubbly. The minute she starts talking, you are drawn in. You want to know what she's talking about because of all her energy and excitement, which makes it very fun when she does share about her business. And then I was on Facebook, and she was playing the piano and singing and I was like, "Hello, this would be an obvious person to interview!" So I'm so excited to have you today, Lisa. Can you share a little bit about yourself with the audience?

Lisa Yes, absolutely. Hey Tiffany, so glad to be on. So my name is Lisa and I originally grew up in Indiana. And loved it there. And then things happened later on in life and I moved to Missouri. So, I am here in Missouri with my husband of 13 years and we have two beautiful kids, Abby she's fixin to be nine and then Jack is seven. And they are so fun and they are in so many sports we just stay so busy, but we love it.

Tiffany Well, two things... did you guys get snow the other day?

Lisa Thankfully we did not. But girl, we have gotten so much rain and it's so cold. But we needed the rain so that has been wonderful.

Tiffany So rain not wintry mix?

Lisa No wintry mix, thank goodness!

Tiffany Beautiful

Lisa But I think it stayed west of us.

Tiffany Yeah, I would either like rain or snow. But I hate when they were like "Okay we're calling for a wintry mix." You know, because I'm originally from Minnesota. Well, I'm really originally from Iowa. I feel like I've got to pay homage but a lot of my adult life I've spent in Minnesota. So, and then my second thing for you is your children are involved in a whole bunch of activities and sports. I mean, my older boys who are 20 and 16 did not do very many activities and Hanna does quite a few. And I was talking to somebody the other day I'm like, "She's so busy. I mean, I never had a kid do this many things." And then my friend sadly pointed out she's like, "Well, you're older too." So that made me a little bit sad. [Laughter] Okay, Lisa, will you please share with us what song you chose for today?

Lisa Absolutely. I chose the song Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. It is such a great catchy song. I love it. So that's why I chose it.

Tiffany I think it's funny because when I pulled it up for some reason I thought her name was Betingfield with T's. So I was like, "Oh, Bedingfield!" Okay.

Lisa Learned something...

Tiffany yes yes yes...okay and you shared it came out in 2004. And when you said that you said, "And that plays a role in the story too," so how do you connect with the song or what kind of memories are sparked or, you know?

Lisa Yeah! Yeah, absolutely! So, I told you that I grew up in the great state of Indiana. And it...After high school, I graduated and just went to cosmetology school. So, after cosmetology school... I was the last kid at home. I have three older brothers and I was just kind of like, "I need something new. I need a new adventure in life." So I was reaching out to a couple of my friends and I used to travel down to Georgia for the summer and thought maybe I'd go live in Georgia for a while. And then, Missouri kind of just came out. I had two older brothers that went to college out here so I had that connection. So God just kind of opened those doors. My parents were at peace about it. And in 2004, I moved down to Missouri with one of my brothers. And so this song, I just I love life. It just like is such a peppy song if you haven't heard like it's phenomenal it's just something you want to sing at the top of your lungs. And it's just so energetic. And I remember that I would stand in my apartment bedroom. And I would just blare this song. Like I love just the part where it's "Staring at the blank page before you." I'm like yes like this is a new season in life for me. I was, you know, away from my parents. A new adventure out in Missouri where I really didn't know a whole lot of people besides my brother, and maybe some mutual friends that you know I met through them.

Tiffany Yep

Lisa But it was just a new thing. So I just loved that like it's a blank page. Like, here Lisa Robertson is in Missouri. And I, you know, the sky's the limit. So it's just it was just a good song for that, you know, story that was being written at that time.

Tiffany So you did cosmetology, you didn't go to school out there though, that's just kind of your next step?

Lisa Yeah, exactly. I just never felt really like led to go or to study a specific thing. And Cosmetology just had always been on my heart. So I did that. And what's so funny is, I thought I would totally be doing that when I moved up to Missouri. But to get my license over like you just have to take an open book test. It was the same hours from what Indiana was. But for some reason when I moved out here, my license took forever to transfer. So it was like a couple of months I'm like, "I can't just live out here with no job."

Tiffany Right?

Lisa So I ended up pursuing that and I would call like Jefferson City and Indianapolis like "Hey what's going on with my license?" And they had no answer. So I ended up... Yeah, I ended up getting a job at a bank in the meantime. And then, one day, I believe this is totally God, like it just about put on my mind to call Indianapolis and say "Hey, what is the address that you're sending my license to?" And that was it. They were just writing the incorrect zip code. So it was never getting to Jefferson City. Isn't that crazy? I mean I think that all had to play out just for you know God to work what he needed to do.

Tiffany So that's so funny that is Jefferson City. I have a girlfriend. Okay, even further back. I was in show choir. Okay, I was in Urbandale, Iowa show choir. And we would always come down to Jefferson City for this huge competition. And we would always get I think like top three. But Jefferson City was like our number one competition. And we look forward to that competition, every school year! Funny...that it's just a small world.

Lisa Right.

Tiffany Yeah. Uh huh. So are you in Jefferson City now?

LIsa No, so I actually live around the Springfield area.

Tiffany Okay

Lisa Yeah. So, anyhow.

Tiffany So you ever see yellow people walking around?

Lisa Ha, ha, No [Laughter]

Tiffany Is that the Simpsons? Is it Springfield, Missouri or Springfield, Illinois?

Lisa [Still Laughing] Missouri. That's so funny.

Tiffany So, I was looking at the lyrics too and just kind of going over what stood out to me or whatever. First of all, Natasha Bedingfield is BEA-U-TIFUL!

Lisa Isn't she though? Yea...Woo!

Tiffany Wow! I did not realize. I guess I never paid attention when the song was popular or whatever.

Lisa Right!

Tiffany But I liked "Today is where your book begins." Because it kind of made me feel like, you know, God's mercies are new every morning.

Lisa Yeah.

Tiffany And so it was like okay this is the beginning. You know, a fresh start fresh slate. What does the world have for me? What does the world want for me? You know, what do I want from the world? Just kind of a cool thing... just imagery... I guess of that blank paper and it's time to start that book.

Lisa Right. Yes, I love it and like the chorus is just awesome just that [Singing} "Feel no rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in, no one else, no one else will speak so words on your lips." I just like, I just want to like shout it! Like it's so good! Just like feeling good! Like no one else can feel that for you. You feel you know we just get emotions about different things and everyone gets affected in different ways and I'm just... I just love it!! It's great!!

Tiffany Yes! I'm so thankful you sang it because you know the stupid laws, make it so I can't play the music on these episodes and it drives me insane.

Lisa Sure sure...

Tiffany I started trying to...

Lisa I didn't know all those stipulations but yes yes, awful.

Tiffany It drives me crazy and my girlfriend was asking me "Why don't you play the songs you talk about/" I'm like, "Because I legally can't."

Lisa Right, you have a permit permission from Natasha Bedingfield or her like people...

Tiffany Right, you have to get the you have to buy the license or have licensing permission. Which I asked and for like, you know, real famous songs, it's very expensive. And it's only like that song. So I'm like okay that stinks. And then I tried to think, "Okay, could I pull cover songs from YouTube? And then insert them?" And they said that even the lyrics are copyrighted. So, I'm like, "Oh my gosh this stinks so bad." I mean podcasts really could be that much more engaging I guess?

Lisa Right

Tiffany You know there's plenty of podcasts about songs. It'd be great to throw them in there. And I guess people used to do it like illegally and just, you know, hope to fly under the radar. But there must be new software, because in the last like quarter, more people have gotten their shows pulled down, and they haven't like the whole... Well, maybe not the whole history but in a decent chunk of history of podcasting in general. So there must be new technology where they're able to like you know run so many podcasts through, and be able to catch you know someone's using licensed music, so...

Lisa Sure, I wouldn't be surprised. Yeah.

Tiffany Yeah, that's really a big fat bummer because the songs, they do they evoke emotion. And I want people to feel those emotions you know and I just, I feel like my audience gets jipped a little bit.

Lisa So So anyhow, so that song has just been just phenomenal. Like when you were asking me to pick a song, I was like, "I love so many" And you know at different times, you know they change like you're just...

Tiffany Yes

Lisa ...effected... is like "Oh do I do something like right now?" But then this one just kept on popping back in my head. I thought this is it! Like and then I was reminded of when it came out. I was like, "Oh yeah, that's when it came up that's when life was just like a whole new chapter is beginning." And that's why it's just like so real and effective of song, of a song and lyrics to my life so that's just perfect.

Tiffany So you wrote the chapter of moving to Jefferson City.

Lisa MM Hmm

Tiffany You wrote the chapter of getting married.

Lisa MM Hmm

Tiffany You wrote the chapter of having a daughter.

Lisa Yeah

Tiffany Wrote the chapter having your son.

Lisa MM Hmm

Tiffany What is next in this book of Lisa Robertson?

Lisa Seriously I don't know. I mean you know this year has brought a lot of changes for a lot of different people. But I don't want to talk negative because I tried to be positive. But this year has brought actually some wonderful changes for our family. So I was working outside of the home. Now I stay home right now and work my, my business, my own hours. I get to spend more time with the kids and not feel rushed or just like, "I want to go home I want to sit at home because I've been, you know, working all day outside talking to people you know that gets tiring."

Tiffany Yes, that's what I said to Hanna when I came on today I said "Mommy is so tired." I said "I'm not tired like I need to go to sleep." I said "I'm tired like I just need to sit."

Lisa Yes. Yeah, exactly! And then my husband decided to switch careers during COVID. And so we're just really relying on God to provide and so anyhow so I'm not working. I'm at home, which is amazing and like I said, the kids are in so many sports, and I enjoy it. I don't feel like okay I just worked now we got to go to practices you know or games. I get to enjoy the day. And then I get to hang out with the kids afterwards. I'm not... I just get to do the mom stuff and the wife stuff which is phenomenal. So I am going to enjoy this chapter in my life as long as God gives it to me. But yeah so that's kind of what we're doing. I'm just reflecting back and just slowing down, as I know a lot of people will probably say during all this life is just slowing down. Priorities are definitely being shifted through all this but it's, it's great. So we're just enjoying life as a family together. Less anxiety, which is awesome, right?

Tiffany Yes.

Lisa And honestly just enjoying my husband. I have a lot more time with him so we get to enjoy that now so that's kinda...

Tiffany That's awesome.

Lisa Thank you

Tiffany Yeah. Um, I was at a networking event today and I was talking to this gentleman. And he said you know halfway through COVID I just said to myself, "I hate my job." And he was like, I was talking to my wife and she was building, like she built websites. And so she was building that business. She just said "You know what, I'm at a good spot. I can carry us. You know, go ahead and do what you want to do, I'm here for this." And so he was able to do something different. People know a little bit about my story and it's kind of the same thing for myself. Where, at the beginning of COVID I was kind of trying to work from home/online-ish. And then that has kind of shifted since then where I'm doing podcasts, post production, management, that kind of stuff. And, yeah, I think COVID has been... Oh my gosh, okay sorry I have a thought interrupting that... yeah so I hear you saying how like oh slowing down and all that you know? And it's it's funny because I never got that, you know? I'm so jealous of everybody. And I know it's like, you know, the grass is greener on the other side kind of idea, probably. But I hear all these people talking about how they're still in quarantine or how they still don't have, you know, all the opportunities that.. I mean, down in Florida, we have a lot of opportunities the restaurants are open. But, you know, hearing these other people speaking about how they're still, you know, kind of locked in...Like Jeepers, must be nice to like have all day to have your clear thoughts and completely think through. And I think that the issue with what I have going on is that I'm trying to come up with all these ideas. I'm trying to come up with all these programs and concepts and you know marketing material and all that kind of stuff. And I just, I have my, my other job, you know that I haven't transitioned from yet. And I didn't get to slow down at all.

Lisa Yeah

Tiffany You know, and our kids are in school so they didn't get a very long Spring Break though

Lisa Yeah.

Tiffany Spring break that just turned into the next school year. But, you know, my husband too. We are essential so you know it's funny that we all had a different experience kind of, like, you know with music you know? I had a different case of circumstances so I always feel so jealous. I almost feel like jipped, you know? Like everybody else got the time to be a family and everybody else got the time to think about their businesses and, you know, poor me.

Lisa Sure. Yeah. And I'll tell you when I share. We got to slow down and joy... like there's a part of me that feels bad because of those who are essential. Like I am so thankful for those that were essential and out there. And I do, I feel sad for y'all that didn't get to experience that slow down. Because when we got into that, that was when we were able to reflect and really like what are our priorities in life, you know? Someone had even posted something about "You know we're not all, we want these material things, we're all desiring, like relationships, seeing people like that is a top priority on a lot of people's lists" and that used to not be. You know? So you're like, I'm too busy with life. Like I just need my family. And so I just have enjoyed seeing that shift change in different lives around me. I still understand that there's those that didn't continue to experience but i'd love to...my friends in our life...those shift changes are amazing!

Tiffany Yeah

Lisa We all just need that every once and a while.

Tiffany Yeah, I mean I don't want to say it because it's not popular opinion but I think a little COVID situation, once every five years, would be great. [Laughter]

Lisa Maybe milder.

Tiffany Yes, not not as severe or not as serious. Don't the European countries do something like that? Like Summer, they just kind of shut down?

Lisa Right? I think so like a long little um, what do they call it over there? Not a vacation.

Tiffany Ha Ha USA? [Laughter]

Lisa Holiday, their holiday.

Tiffany Again, the grass is always greener on the other side. I think they also have a different healthcare system. I think they also have a different taxing structure, you know, so..

Lisa Right Right

Tiffany Who knows? Be happy with what you got, right?

Lisa Amen, yes sister!

Tiffany Well thank you so much for taking time out of your evening to speak with me and to share that song with me.

Lisa Yes, well thanks so much for having me Tiffany!

Outro Well that was a great walk down memory lane. I hope you enjoyed my guest's memories and experiences with the song or songs they chose. To connect with my guest's, I mean I know you are just going to stalk their social media, but check out the show notes as always for details. Please leave a 5 star review. And I'd love if you left a memory of your own that was sparked. Can't wait to dive into my next guest's memories with a beat. Hit subscribe now, you don't wanna miss the next episode.


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