What Do Pirate Hunting and Personal Connection Have In Common?

When I found out that I was going to "produce forth an heir," I very quickly realized that while all I legally needed to exit the hospital with my tiny human was a car seat, I was now in command of all  of the rules, responsibilities, schedules and appointments for said tiny human- and now his sister also- until they are teenagers. 

By contrast, my guest today, United States Navy Commander Alexa Jenkins, selected a path that STARTED as a teenager- which was heavily focused on rules, responsibility, schedules and appointments. 

How does someone become a professional rule follower? And does attitude matter when giving and following rules? Can those rules be used to inspire others and make a better community for us all? And that is what we are going to tackle today...

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Suzie Becker

Hi, I’m Suze. Here with your weekly dose of culture, values and identity- and where we tackle those topics others may consider off-limits. A little about me, I’m a busy Gen X mom who, quite frankly, wanted to grow up like the Brady Bunch… but ended up being raised in the shadow of Schindler’s List. So this means I’ve spent a lifetime navigating these mixed messages we get hit with daily. You know those conversations- where we wonder if it’s safe to speak our minds? Can we share our experiences? Voice our fears and concerns, or should we just keep our mouths shut? Well, too bad. I need to know! But I’m no expert. So, I’m going to schmooze the experts and get their thoughts. Why? So, when we engage with our kids, colleagues, or the countless committees we interact with, we can do it with competence, kindness, confidence, and maybe a bit of humor. If this sounds like your cup of coffee- welcome to Schmooze with Suze.

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