You Let Him Lick On You

What's up, play cousins? Your favorite play cousins are back with a BRAND NEW EPISODE!

It's official! Neesy is the newest member of the podcast! Welcome to the family.
Breeze is back this week with a slew of Man-2-Man questions, Jerry has a music challenge, and Neesy is asking the questions women want to know.

At your BIG AGE, are you still asking for someone's body count?

Shout out to the #FrequentDelinquents #Podcast #Comedy
Thank you to everyone who listens to us weekly, old cousins and new delinquents!

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The Dignified Delinquents

A Dignified Delinquent is cultured, yet unapologetically authentic! Join your play cousins Jerry Tha Great, and Breeze as they give their sophisticated ignorant thoughts and opinions on topics from sex, relationships, work, and everything in between.

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