24| Get Em Together
Charles Barkley GUARANTEES 10 laughs by the end of this episode! STOP what you're doing, hit PLAY, and then MULTITASK !!! This episode of The Writer's Block was absolutely fun and hilarious with just our usual crew! Take Two's: We opened up with a few SoundCloud exclusives from Drake, Alezi and more! From there we went on to our awkward & nonexistent Fathers Day phone calls, while Nick Cannon calls in to remind us his balls work! Producing 4 new offspring this year! (what a summer harvest lmao), What do you do when they guy who gives you road rage is bigger than you?, Bobby names all the women he would physically fight for and all the signs that show you that you might not want to fight the dude you're about to fight. My old friend Ron Williams  (@rdub._) calls in to the show to react to the Get Em Together work brawl as a man currently in a relationship! And before we hit The Sound Bar we previewed all the new comedy and content from TWB Productions coming out next month! and finally we opened up The Sound Bar talking about a song i made this weekend! Thanks for listening!9:45 Josh and Fatherhood, 12:00 Nick Cannons new crop of children, 26:00 Mr. Tough Guy, 34:30 trying to call Ron but he has an android,  45:00 BONUS content 50:45 The Sound Bar --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bobby-brown-jr4/support

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