28| How You Know You Made It
The Writer's Block with Bobby Brown Jr. finally returns! I missed all you Block Heads after a couple weeks off. and salute to all our new listeners too! I read all of the TWB reviews before launching this I think this quick episode was a perfect preview of what this new format of the podcast is going to be. A lot more up close & personal showing the real me and how my brain works, more into the things I find funny, people I find interesting, giving a real audio-visual experience of how I see the world. We in for quite a wild ride gang, thanks for listening and welcome back!  0:05 You dont say action? 0:40 intro, 5:40 Bobby and KB get familiar, 5:55 Football teams, 6:40 Favorite Colors Favorite Gangs, 7:39 Audio Exclusive What's more valuable podcast audio or video? 11:02 Y'all done f*cked up!! 13:00 camera is back , 14:15 expectations for TWB phase 2 , pretty girls love the writers block , 16:45 Bobbys first rap feature release ! We All Lost by TheBlackToilet ft MaybeBobby 18:11 I don't pay you for anything! 18:54 everything is my thing 19:30 that's how you know you made it! 21:00 TWB season 1 send off shoutouts ! 21:41 Power by Foolish Wiseman 22:30 just put the shit together--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bobby-brown-jr4/support

The Writer’s Block with Bobby Brown Jr.

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