Wouldn’t it be great if you could just leave your job, travel AND make a living doing it?

In 2018, Alise left her corporate life and six-figure salary, feeling like she wasn’t living life fully.  She created her first business, a virtual bookkeeping company, and two years later realized and  embraced her dream of being a travel blogger.

She and her husband Gregg, let their apartment lease expire, sold or gifted most of their belongings, and with no home to return to, they (along with their two cats) set out on a transformational travel journey

Sounds beachy-breezy, right?  Well, for Elise it meant a lot more than just packing a bag and heading out on the road. It meant healing trauma she had been hiding from from since childhood and get past the beliefs that she thought were keeping her safe, but were really just holding her back and making her physically sick.     

But this isn’t all we talk about, there’s plenty of beachy stuff, too!

  • What is was like growing up at the beach
  • Traveling to the Florida keys, dolphin hugs and frozen key lime pie
  • The resort in Costa Rica that we both fell in love with, ocean kayaking and deserted beaches 

Be sure to listen to the end where Elise tells me what they did to travel in peace with two cats who really don’t like change - you’ll probably never guess. I thought it was brilliant!

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ABOUT ALISE SAUNDERS, Travel Blogger, Life Skills Coach, Entrepreneur, Warrior

In 2020 Alise realized and embraced her dream of being a travel blogger. Alise and her husband Gregg let their apartment lease expire, sold or gifted most of their belongings, with no home to return to, and in April 2021 they set out on a transformational travel journey.  In their blog, Tales From An Untamed Soul, they provide FREE travel guides to small town gems that remain the heart and soul of America, with images that reflect their authenticity, and share lessons learned as they navigate life and travels.

Alise is a former controller for Hilton Hotel Corp, a Regional Director of Revenue, creating strategies to optimize the generation of revenue, and Director of Human Resources for other luxury hotel brands, while Gregg is a former hotel General Manager for Hilton Hotel Corp with domestic and international experience. Together they have over 60 years of hospitality knowledge. She helps others to embrace their entrepreneurial dreams through a variety of resources including an e-book, course, and coaching on her website: Tales From An Untamed Soul