Ep11 Ramona Crabtree-Falkner on Conscious Collaboration

Hey Beach Lovers - my conscious community peeps! 

I just wanted to let you know that I’m so grateful for you! Even though I could sit in front of a microphone and record conversations  All. Day. Long. it just doesn’t work if there’s no one there to listen!

Friends, this is more than just me talking and you listening.

It’s a collaboration.

That’s why I asked my dear friend Ramona, founder of Authentic Life Journey, to share with you today - because, we’re all about collaboration - conscious collaboration - to be specific.

What is conscious collaboration and why does it matter?

When you hear Ramona’s story, I think you’ll figure it out; and you’ll understand why we believe conscious collaboration is invaluable

If you want to make YOUR VISION a reality.

Authentic Life Journey (ALJ) was created by Ramona Crabtree-Falkner who began her wellness career with massage therapy, but this was simply a gateway to a deeper understanding of how to help others. As a massage therapist for 15 years she found a desire to explore other modalities to hold space for her clients to find more ease and healing from within. Through her own struggles with health and stress induced chronic pain she turned to yoga, meditation, energy work and life coaching to connect to her own healing and found through each of these explorations more ease and peace in life.

Finding these practices to be of great benefit to her life with a strong vision to help others, Ramona developed the Authentic Life Journey programs and has now found a path that truly speaks to her truths of wanting to help others grow, heal and find ease and peace.

Authentic Life Journey offers Group Life Coaching, Private Life Coaching, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training,  Group Yoga, Private Yoga, Reiki, Crystal Bowls Meditations, Workshops and Retreats. Your experience with the Authentic Life Journey Team will leave you feeling peaceful and open to the journey that is life! 

Visit  www.authenticlifejourney.com for more information on all things ALJ!

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